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Privacy, Anonymity and Plausible Deniability

Tutorials to show how to achieve Privacy, Anonymity and Plausible Deniability online. I have a certain quality standard as to how i do these tutorials, if there are any improvements i can do on them please let me know.

SHOWCASED ARTICLE: Learn how to audit your own setup, to determine your OPSEC Level, and find out what is the most appropriate internet use for it.

OPSEC LEVEL 2: Anonymity

πŸ“ Explaining Anonymity

  1. ❌ What is Anonymity ? Why is it Important ?
  2. ❌ The main source of Anonymity: The Tor Network
  3. ❌ Why isn't Privacy Enough ?
  4. 🟠 Shifting from a public to an Anonymous online persona
  5. βœ… Phone Numbers are incompatible with Anonymity
  6. βœ… Tor vs VPNs: Privacy is not enough, you need Anonymity!
  7. βœ… Tor through VPN or VPN through Tor ? (Censorship evasion with Tor Bridges)

πŸ’» Clientside - Getting started

  1. βœ… Anonymous web Browsing (Tor Browser)
  2. βœ… Tails OS QEMU VM for Temporary Anonymity
  3. βœ… VMs for Long-term Anonymity (Whonix QEMU VMs)

πŸ’» Clientside - Decentralized Finances

  1. βœ… Why Financial decentralisation ? (Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges and KYC) ⭐
  2. βœ… How to acquire and use Monero
  3. βœ… Haveno Decentralised Exchange direct Fiat -> XMR transaction ⭐
  4. βœ… Haveno DEX Dispute resolution (Fiat -> XMR)
  5. βœ… Haveno DEX Bank Transfer (ex: SEPA) -> XMR transaction
  6. βœ… Haveno DEX Cash By Mail -> XMR transaction ⭐

πŸ§… Serverside - Contributing to Anonymity

  1. βœ… Tor Bridge Node
  2. βœ… Tor Node
  3. βœ… Tor Exit Node
  4. βœ… Monero Node
  5. ❌ Haveno Seed Node

πŸ§… Serverside - Remote Servers (⚠️ Remote Hosting = Safer!)

  1. βœ… Acquiring remote servers anonymously (non-KYC providers) ⭐
  2. βœ… Remote anonymous access setup (cockpit + ssh through tor)
  3. βœ… Hosting a .onion website (with custom .onion Vanity V3 address)
  4. βœ… Clearnet Bind9 DNS server setup (with DNSSEC)
  5. βœ… Clearnet Matrix server
  6. 🟠 XMPP server (Gajim, OMEO encryption, ejabberd .onion setup)
  7. βœ… Anonymous self-hosted clearnet Mail Server ⭐
  8. βœ… Endgame V3 (.onion service Anti DDOS / Load Balancer / WAF service + Captcha) ⭐

πŸ§… Serverside - Home servers (⚠️ Self Hosting = Risky!)

  1. βœ… Open source router VM setup (pfsense on QEMU/KVM)
  2. βœ… Electrical Failover (basic UPS setup)
  3. βœ… Internet Failover (Dual WAN pfsense setup)
  4. βœ… Physical Protection for an .onion Service (SSH + USB + Physical intrusion detection, automatic mail notifications, emergency shutdowns)


  1. Hack Liberty Resources
  2. Privacy Guides
  3. Simplified Privacy
  4. The Hitchhiker's guide to Anonymity

Non-KYC VPS providers

Current services used:

  1. ServersGuru (KYC-Free reseller of cloud providers like Hetzner)
  2. (KYC-Free registrar)

Previous services:

  1. Incognet (both registrar and cloud provider)
  2. Hostiko (cloud provider)
  3. Other Non-KYC Cloud Providers

Across the entirety of my blog, in all articles that I made, I advocate for the legal use of technologies, even when I am talking about Privacy-enhancing and Anonymity-enabling technologies. In no way am I advocating for any illegal use of any technology showcased in any article on my blog. as the goal of this blog is to remain stricly informative and educative.

I decline any and all responsibility for any mis-use of any of the technology i showcase in the entirety of my blog. I also decline any and all responsibility for any physical, digital and psychological damage caused by the mis-use of any showcased technology, as the responsibility of such acts remains with the perpretating third-party. By reading this blog, you permanently, irrevocably and world-widely agree that I am in no way am responsible for any illegal action done by you or anyone that uses any of the showcased technology in my blog articles.


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