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user@Whonix - 2024-05-19

a Nihilist's Manifesto

Explaining why I have a blog in the first place.

The History behind this Blog

At first, this blog started out as a hacking writeup blog, to show everyone how i hacked half of HackTheBox back in 2023, it was my way of showing that i understood how systems worked from the adversarial point of view. Then once i learned the pentesting methodology i realized that i was doing the same thing over and over again with different technologies, got bored with it, and decided to move on to Sysadmin topics.

At that point, i dabbled heavily into the self-hosting community, running a servers at home, running every possible service from home, open source only, remaining the only one in control of my data, etc.

But something was missing. I realized that Decentralisation and Privacy were not enough when reading the news, i realized that the very same governments that were supposed to be at the head of democracies were starting to turn into dictatorships. When that is the case, you have no choice but to fit into their view of a perfect law abiding citizen because any reason is a good reason to put you behind bars.

That's why i decided to move on to Anonymity topics specifically, because that is the key to remain in control of your freedom, is to make sure your sensitive actions remain secret, while portraying yourself as the perfect citizen. Wether you see this as right or wrong, it does not matter to me.

What truly matters here, is exploring how you can use technology to protect your abilities, and enhance them.

The Reasons behind this Blog

"If you pull that trigger, right, you pull that trigger for a fucking honorable reason. Like an honorable man, not like some fucking civilian that does not understand the wicked way of our world, mate" -Alfie Solomons, Peaky Blinders

First of all let's cover the reasons that I see justify the vast majority of actions done out there in our current world:

Limited Reasons:
-Pleasure seeking

The most limited reason behind one's action is that of self-preservation, nothing wrong with it, but every other animal out there is already doing it, you're supposed to be able to be more than just any other creature out there.

Seeking pleasure (ex: Playing video games, watching movies, behavioral addiction or substance abuse) is alright, but at some point you need to grow up and to realize that it's an immature waste of time.

Willingly getting things done is a great, until everything you do revolves around your limited sense of self, and identity.

So, here are the reasons that i consider honorable, which all stem out of a broader sense of self (daily practiced as part of my morning routine):

Honorable reasons:

I am motivated by my will to purify, refine and enhance my abilities using tools and technology, and I want anyone that also shares that same drive, to be able to explore the full scope of what they can do aswell.

I am also motivated by my will to clear out any misconceptions and help everyone percieve technology for what it truly is, regardless of any morality or any political view. My blog aims to bring to light that any usage of any technology is to be justified with a clear reason, to be described, and showcased in great detail.

Yes, anyone that tries to mix politics and ideologies into technology, is merely trying to preserve what they are currently identified with. Such people cannot pretend to have an objective view when talking about anything.

Transcending limitations is what i consider the most honorable way behind any action. Ultimately, this blog aims to showcase that Technology, when used correctly, can allow one to transcend any limitation. Be it to transcend surveillance, centralisation, deanonymization, lack of security. Any ability that we have as Humans, such as Privacy, Decentralisation, Anonymity, Security, Plausible Deniability can be protected and enhanced by using the correct Technology.

TLDR: You want to know the most effective technologies that can enhance your life ? It's right there. Just read it up, understand what they are, understand why they are used, understand how they are used, and use them yourself.

Technology is all that matters.

We, humans are able to do things, and no matter what we can do, we are able to enhance what we can do using tools. We can run that far, but with a car we can run farther, we can calculate fast, but with a computer we can calculate much faster.

You wished you could do more in the world right now ? Well, maybe you should have turned to technology, a long time ago.

People are not reliable, as their values, intentions, identities, habits change over time. Technology that you can audit (open source technology) is the only thing you should rely on.

You should not pay someone, nor put your trust into anyone to enhance your ability to do anything. Understand your needs, understand your abilities, understand your limits and then Look for tools, study those tools, and learn to use those tools to enhance what you can do in the world.

Yes, noone can be trusted, do not expect anyone to uphold any promise. Putting your trust into politicians will always remain a meaningless circus of broken promises, they are only interested in keeping their current power.

Everyone's greedy, and the vast majority are only pretending to care for you, they're only looking after their own personal interests.

Look at what people are doing, but look even closer at the reason behind their actions.

TLDR: Technology dictates the way of our world. So, that's what I focus on. I will continue to share it with everyone, until there is nothing left to cover.


Until there is Nothing left.

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